Message streams are the core of Sequin’s integration framework because they are recognized as a best pattern for integrating systems.

Your Sequin account has one or more streams. Each stream has syncs and consumers. All the data from the syncs is stored in the stream and is accessible via each consumer.

Streams are used to partition and organize your data. You might create one stream for development and a second for production. You might also create a stream for each API you’re connecting to, ie. one stream for Salesforce and another for HubSpot.

You can add syncs to a stream and specify which collections you want to sync into the stream.

You can also add consumers to the stream. Each consumer reads all the records in the stream. You can specify the delivery mechanics for the consumer such as the maximum number of pending messages and how long a message is allowed to be pending before Sequin marks it for redelivery.

Streams, syncs, and consumers give you a set of components to build integrations. You can use stream to create workflows, pipe data into your application, or sync data to a database.