Sequin makes it easy to write changes back to upstream APIs. We provide two different APIs to make mutations:

Mutation API

Most collections that Sequin syncs are mutable. For these collections, you can use the Mutation API to create, update, or delete records. When you use the Mutation API, you provide a data payload that matches the same shape Sequin uses through the system for that collection. Additionally, Sequin will automatically handle authentication, rate limiting, and return any errors in a nice wrapper.

Learn more about the Mutation API here.

Proxy API

For write requests that don’t map cleanly to a collection mutation, you can use Sequin’s Proxy API. You’ll want to reach for the Proxy API if your mutation resembles an RPC request (e.g. issuing a refund in Stripe) or if you need to make a request that doesn’t fit cleanly to a collection mutation. You can also use the Proxy API to make one-off fetch requests against the upstream API.

When you use the Proxy API, Sequin will handle authentication and pace your request to the upstream API.

Learn more about the Proxy API here.