Error Codes

HTTP status codeDescription
400Bad RequestYour request is invalid.
401UnauthorizedYour API key is wrong.
403ForbiddenThe object requested is hidden for administrators only.
404Not FoundThe specified object could not be found.
422Unprocessable EntityYour request failed validation.
429Too Many RequestsYou’re requesting too many kittens! Slow down!
500Internal Server ErrorWe had a problem with our server. Try again later.
501Not ImplementedThe server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request.
504Gateway TimeoutYour request took too long to response.

Error JSON

Errors from Sequin have a consistent JSON body. Each HTTP status code has it’s own canonical fields:

HTTP status codeJSON Body
400{"summary": "Error summary"}
401{"summary": "Error summary"}
403{"summary": "Error summary"}
404{"summary": "Error summary"}
422{"summary": "Error summary", "validation_errors": {"Some validation": ["Reason for validation failure"]}}
429{"summary": "Error summary"}
500{"summary": "Error summary"}
501{"summary": "Error summary"}
504{"summary": "Error summary"}