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We’ve made significant changes and improvements to the product since these docs were written. As such, they don’t reflect how Sequin works today.

We’re keeping them up here a bit longer before permanently archiving them.

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How to connect Airtable to PowerBI using Sequin

Sequin allows you to connect all your Airtable data to PowerBI.

Sequin replicates your Airtable to a standard Postgres database, allowing you to query all your Airtable data in PowerBI using SQL.

In minutes, you’ll be using PowerBI to extract insights from across your Airtable workspace and present these metrics in clean dashboards.

Setup Sequin

First, connect your Airtable base to Sequin. Follow our Quickstart to connect to walk through the the connection steps and retrieve the credentials for your Sequin Postgres database. You’ll use these credentials in PowerBI:

Sequin Postgres database credentials

Connect Sequin to PowerBI

Sequin databases are hosted on AWS RDS.

Note: Sequin can also sync directly to a Postgres database you manage (which you may have already connected to PowerBI). If you are interested in this option, just send us a note.

To connect to an AWS RDS database from Power BI, you need to tell PowerBI it can trust AWS with a certificate. Here is how:

  1. First, you need an AWS public key in the PKCS#7/P7B format. You can follow the steps in this help doc to download a public key and convert it. Or, if you want to save yourself the time, you can download the key in the proper format here ⏬.
  2. You need to import that certificate as a Trusted Root Certificate. To do that, follow the steps outlined here. Don’t let the old UI screenshots fool you, this will work on any PC.
    • In the help doc you will be asked to first add the certificate to “Intermediate Certification Authorities” and then add the certificate to “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” — skip the Intermediate part. Again, you’re just looking to add a certificate for The Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  3. Once that certificate is in place, you should be able to connect to your Sequin database. However, PowerBI might not let you use our friendly DNS name presented in the Sequin Console. So instead, use this hostname:

For clarity, your connection credentials will be:

Username:username from Sequin Console
Database:database from Sequin Console
Password:password from Sequin Console

Connecting more than one Airtable base to PowerBI

If you would like to connect more than one Airtable base to PowerBI, then you’ll need to configure Sequin to sync each Airtable base to a unique schema within the same RDS database. This is a setting we will be bringing to the Sequin console soon - but for now, please just send us a note and we’ll get this set up for you.

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