These docs are out of date.

We’ve made significant changes and improvements to the product since these docs were written. As such, they don’t reflect how Sequin works today.

We’re keeping them up here a bit longer before permanently archiving them.

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Airtable → BaseDash

Sequin turns Airtable into a Postgres database that works natively with BaseDash.

With a couple clicks, you’ll be querying, graphing, and sharing your Airtable data in BaseDash.

What is Sequin?

Sequin provisions a read-only Postgres database that is in sync with all your Airtable data. Any change you make in Airtable flows through to your Sequin database in real time.

As a standard Postgres database, a Sequin database works natively with BaseDash’s Postgres adapter.

What can I do in BaseDash?

With your Airtable data in BaseDash, your team can work with your Airtable data in new ways:

✍️ Query with SQL

JOIN, UNION, and SELECT your data from across your Airtable base with SQL. Save views and share them with your team.

📊 Graph your data

Instantly visualize your Airtable data with charts and graphs to help your team get the picture.

📤 Share with your team

With easy link sharing and fine-grained permissions, you can share your views and graphs with confidence.

Get started now

  1. Create a Sequin account.
  2. Connect your Airtable base to Sequin.
  3. Connect your Sequin database to BaseDash as a standard Postgres database.

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