Sync overview



Sequin is constantly syncing your Postgres database with Airtable. Your database’s “sync time” is how long it takes us to complete a full sync of your base. Because we’re always syncing, you can think of this time as the maximum replication lag.

Here’s how long you can expect bases to sync at different sizes:

SizeEst sync time
20,0001min 6s
50,0002min 46s
100,0005min 33s

We display your base’s current sync time in the console.


If your sync time is slower than usual, or if we’re having trouble syncing, your sync indicator will turn yellow or red. Hover over it for details:


We automatically detect changes to your Airtable schema and migrate your database tables for you. After making a change to your Airtable schema, it may take a few minutes for those changes to appear in your database. These rebuild syncs take however long your sync time takes, plus about one minute.

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